Complete and flexible medical and pharmaceutical translation services

Medical and pharmaceutical translationOur combination of competent professionals, linguists that are experts in the specific field and project managers ready to meet any particular requirement makes Heureka the ideal partner for the most complex and articulated needs concerning medical and pharmaceutical translations.

Highly accredited medical translators

Medical translatorsWe perfectly understand the delicacy and attention required to manage and translate medical and pharmaceutical documents, of the need for attention to every detail, and of the fundamental requirement to use appropriate terminology. To meet those needs Heureka only employs medical translators that in addition to having suitable qualifications, also have proven work experience in the medical field. This gives our customers the certainty that any medical project handled by Heureka is an absolutely accurate and faithful translation of the original document, and that can be fully relied upon.

Quality control of medical and pharmaceutical translations.

Inaccurate medical and pharmaceutical translations can have serious legal and medical consequences, so Heureka has developed a strict quality control system which applies to every single project, from the most complex to the smallest. This system includes document translation by a native translator with experience in the specific medical or pharmaceutical field; after translation, the target document is carefully checked against the original. Doing so eliminates even the smallest errors.
An additional benefit that you get with us is confidentiality, that for Heureka is paramount. We are aware of the importance of the discretion required for medical and pharmaceutical translations, so we are happy to sign a non-disclosure agreement for customers who require it.

Documentation concerning medical and pharmaceutical translation:

  • Translation of clinical cases
  • Translation of medical equipment manuals
  • Translation of medical software
  • Translation of clinical protocols
  • Translation of clinical studies
  • Translation of medical terminology glossaries
  • Translation of hospital and insurance reports
  • Translation of medical and pharmaceutical brochures
  • Translation of labels and pharmaceutical information
  • Translation of medical journals
  • Translation of pharmacological studies
  • Translation of toxicological reports
  • Translation of laboratory research
  • Translation of reports on clinical research