Professional legal translation services

The field of legal translation can be particularly challenging so to maintain our rigorously high quality standards, our legal translation projects are carried out by translators and proofreaders with either have extensive experience working in the legal field or who have undergone dedicated legal translation training. Many of our staff members, of different nationalities, are lawyers who devote part of their professional activity to legal translation.
This focus on resources means that the terminology and specific legal document structures will be preserved and correctly translated. In addition, we employ translators who translate exclusively into their mother tongue, ensuring the production of a document in the target language from its target that reads exactly as the original.

Legal translation
Legal translation includes:

  • Translation of litigation
  • Translation of bylaws
  • Translation of court rulings
  • Translation of judicial norms
  • Translation of laws and regulations
  • Translation of proxies
  • Translation of insurance contracts
  • Translation of employment contracts
  • Translation of certificates