Professional technical translation services

Heureka is specialized in providing professional technical translations. We employ technical translators and proofreaders with proven experience in different fields and qualifications in their areas of expertise.
Technical translation

Technical translations of the highest quality

We have extensive experience in the field of technical translations, from IT to technical manuals, from engineering to business documents. The combination of competent professionals, industry experts and project managers ready to meet any particular requirement makes Heureka the ideal partner for the most complex and articulated technical projects.
We can ensure the highest quality level, because our translators and proofreaders translate exclusively into their mother tongue and also prove, through testing, that they have adequate experience in specific fields, such as Civil Engineering or Automation and that they have achieved specific qualifications for the required technical translation.
Our painstaking attention to both both technical and linguistic details sets us apart and helps us build stable and long lasting relationships with our customers.